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Rocking Strong Since That Time I Erased My Entire Journal

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The Bee's Knees
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Hi, I'm from Delaware. Yes, Delaware. Please don't mention the joke from Wayne's World. Thanks.

Here is what I am annoyed by, and what you will most likely not find in my journal:

I'm tired of people using their journals to record what time their kid took a dump, what it looked like, and how many times a day they brush their teeth. I'm tired of the boring, obtuse updates every twelve minutes about the state of so-and-so's volatile relationship. No, I don't care to hear about your cat.

I do not want to constantly (though maybe occasionally) vent about my percieved inadequacies.

My journal is not the place to express my need for social acceptance. I will not cling to a chewed-up friendship like it's the last lifeboat leaving the Titanic. I do not need 172 lj "friends" to be the coolest kid on my block.

Likewise, my journal is not a place to pick up chicks. Or guys. Or anyone. If you try to pick me up, I may well tell you to piss off.

My journal is not an exploration of my progress of self-affirmation. Not that I don't love myself; I do. But I choose to express those feelings through masturbation.

I am not keeping this journal to chronicle my progress in recovery of alcohol, heroin, goofballs, meth, oven cleaner, glue, windex, gasoline, paint thinner, prescription drugs, childs tylenol, and any other ungodly substance I may have failed to mention.

You do not need to agree with me all the time to comment. It makes a more interesting debate if you don't.

I'll tell you what you do need: a sense of humor. It might even help if it has a slightly cynical edge to it. If you can meet that single requirement, feel free to friend me. If not... Piss off.

Support love.

I adopted a ninja fetus
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